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Something Beautiful LP Digital Liner Notes

At The Helm

Michael Culmo II : Lead Vocals / Alto Sax

Jake Hassler : Electric guitar (lead), Acoustic Guitar

Rob Helms - Drums, Percussion

Mario Nobillio - Bass Guitar

Gus Walters - Acoustic Guitar

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Award - winning actress Caris Vujcec is the creator, and producer of the  Pepper: Ricochet series. Caris co-wrote the lyrics with Gus Walters for the hit song "Divide It Up (Pepper: Ricochet)". The song appears as the kickoff and closer to this action thriller.

Caris Vujcec - creator executive producer The Pepper Project.jpg

String Trio Composer and arrangement for the song "Next Time".

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Co-Producer - Studio Engineer

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Musician / Artist / Entrepreneur, Jenn DeSantis appears playing piano and synth on the title track "Something Beautiful".

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All Songs written by At The Helm

Lyric Collaboration with Caris Vujcec (Pepper: Richochet) on Divide It Up (Pepper: Ricochet)

  ©2021 Furious! Recordings

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L to R : Rob - Mario - Mike - Jake - Gus
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