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TV & Film:

WMS entertainment, LLC is an entertainment company that specializes in providing our clients with music, video, and stage production for any occasion.

TV & Film:

Film makers, students, or companies : We can absolutely create that hit song for your next soundtrack!  

Solo Artists and Bands:

Our background is songwriting, design, recording, and video. With that said, we know it's not just about getting that song written that excites your core market. No, it's about getting that song recorded so you can manage to record more and not wait until you are financially capable again!  Don't forget, you need that video made to go along with that song! Lastly, WMS Entertainment has also recognized that artists need a visual spectacle to go along with their live shows and we have been working diligently on being able to provide that additional concept!
WMS Entertainment understands and absolutely recognizes the gap between the expected income generated by today's artists and the costs associated with getting songs into the hands of their fans. We are hoping to start a trend where the costs get back in line with the current state of the industry. We offer a low budget = high value opportunity and we want to under promise so that we can over deliver to you.  
Contact us today to see if we are the right fit for you. 

austin web fest

winner - Best Score!

Our song "The Rapture" for the series "The Pepper Project" was included in the award category for Sound Design / Best Score! Congrats Pepper!

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